Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB®)

This innovative product allows us to install a boiler replacement for gas, lpg or oil systems in as little as one day, without changing the existing infrastructure of the property (radiators, pipework etc).

The ZEB® is a smart thermal energy store that allows customers to make the most of time-of-use tariffs and store up to 40kWh of energy for use whenever it’s needed for heating or hot water. The ZEB® charges at a maximum of 9kW and is able to draw power whenever renewable energy is available, or during off-peak periods when it’s at its cheapest.

This flexible use of electricity allows customers to be in control of their energy use, helps keep running costs low and helps to relinquish their fossil fuel boilers with minimal disruption.

Benefits of a Zero Emission Boiler

The current version of the ZEB® – designed to work with a hot water store – replicates the performance of a boiler (without the emissions!):

  • Low Carbon. The ZEB® uses low carbon electricity to charge up, then delivers heat on demand. Input: 9kW / 40A.
  • Low Cost. The ZEB® is easy to install and works with existing heating systems. Output flow temperature: 35-80ºC.
  • Smart. The ZEB® combines grid carbon intensity, weather forecasts and heat demand to automatically calculate when and how much to charge.
  • Flexible. The ZEB® works with any tariff, but makes the most of ‘off peak’ rates to charge up cheaply.
  • No outdoor space needed. The ZEB® works well in smaller homes. Ideal heat demand: 3-12,000 kWh.
  • Easy to install. A typical installation is 1-2 days and will work with your existing radiators or wet underfloor heating system.
  • Dimensions: 98cm (H) x 60cm (W) x 66cm (D). Weight: 375kg

An alternative to an air source heat pump

The ZEB® is made in the UK using materials that have low environmental impact. It is suitable for properties with an annual fuel consumption of up to ~12,000kWh / 1,100 litres of oil, although we are also installing the ZEB® alongside other technologies such as infrared heating panels in larger properties.

The ZEB® by tepeo is an excellent option for customers who want to move away from fossil fuels but do not want the disruption and the uncertainty of installing an Air Source Heat Pump. With minimal cost and minimal fuss the ZEB® can take all the stress out of decarbonising your home or business.

Here in East Anglia we are in an enviable position as, due the prevalence of wind technology, there are times when the grid is overloaded and energy is being given away for free! This need to ‘balance the grid’ makes the most of renewable energy when it’s available, but lets people run their homes & vehicles as and when they want to. The ZEB® can make the most of this excess energy: charging up whenever the grid is awash with low carbon energy.

The ZEB® feels like the missing piece of the jigsaw in getting UK homes off fossil fuels! We were delighted to find this UK product, we have been impressed with the ease of the installation process and we are looking forward to a future where lots more people are aware of how the ZEB® offers the missing link to decarbonising their property.

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The ZEB® works really well alongside products from our other innovative partners like Mixergy and Sunamp for heating water too.

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