Storage Heaters

What are the benefits of electric storage heaters?

  • Compatible with renewable technology
  • Makes use of cheaper off-peak tariffs
  • Improve EPC ratings
  • High heat retention
  • Excellent insulation
  • Release heat quickly when needed
  • Smart controls, including an automatic charge control, thermostat and programmer


Storage heaters are designed to be paired with renewable energy and electricity tariffs that supply electricity at cheaper rates at certain times of the day.

Typically, this is overnight, which is why they are sometimes called ‘night storage heaters’. However, storage heaters can use electricity to heat your home at any time.

How does an electric storage heater work?

Electric storage heaters use electricity to generate heat. This heat is stored inside the core of the heater, which is often made from heavy clay blocks.

In older storage heaters, input and output dials are used to control this. The input controls the electricity – the higher it is set, the more electricity it will use and the more the heater will heat up at night. The output dial controls the release of heat – the higher it is set, the quicker heat emits from the heater.

Some storage heaters are also fitted with convector heaters. These usually appear as a grill at the top of the unit. These are intended to give you a ‘boost’ to your heating, in case you run out of stored heat.

Which electricity meter and tariff should I use?

Electric storage heaters are designed to work with special electricity tariffs that provide cheaper rates at certain times of the day. The most common of these is known as Economy 7. ‘Economy’ tariffs relate to a type of meter with two distinct electricity rates (or dual rate tariff). This means you will receive a cheaper rate during a certain period, usually overnight, when you can charge your heaters.

You would also be able to power an electric immersion heater in your hot water cylinder if you have one. However, the same technology allows solar storage heaters to benefit from renewable technology to charge when there is surplus energy available as well as boosting on cheaper tariffs too.

Economy 7 isn’t the only meter arrangement available, so if you’re unsure, speak with your energy supplier to understand what meter you have and how you are billed for the electricity you use.

Should I upgrade my storage heaters?

Storage heating technology has improved since storage heaters were introduced in the 1960s. Storage heaters manufactured after 2018 must meet stricter efficiency standards and come with better controls and solar compatible models now make direct use of renewable technology. Upgrading to solar compatible storage heaters could make your home more comfortable and save you money on your heating bills. Some modern electric storage heaters are in a special category known as high heat retention storage heaters. You may see these recommended in your home’s Energy Performance Certificate.

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