Solar Power Diverters

What are the benefits of Solar Power Diverters?

  • Make use of 100% of your solar generation
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Quick return on investment
  • User friendly
  • Reduce the use of your boiler
  • Won’t affect your Feed-In-Tariff payments
  • Cheaper to install and maintain than solar thermal


Most homeowners won’t use all of the Solar energy that their Solar PV system generates, leaving a surplus amount being exported back to the Grid.  With the average import cost of electricity rising and Smart Export Guarantee payment being relatively low it makes sense to want to use as much of your own solar energy as you can.

By Installing a Solar Power Diverter you will be able to maximise your Solar energy usage, and benefit from free hot water, underfloor heating or even help to heat a swimming pool.

How does a Solar Power Diverter work?

Solar power diverters work by constantly monitoring the amount of electricity your Solar PV System is generating and how much energy your home is demanding. This is monitored through a sensor, connecting between your main meter and consumer unit.

When your home isn’t demanding any energy, and if your solar batteries are full, you will start exporting your energy back to the National Grid. If and when the sensor detects that your Solar PV System is exporting energy to the Grid, the device diverts this flow of energy. Diverting your Solar Energy to power the immersion heater in your hot water tank instead.

This effectively heats your water cylinder for free from energy from the sun, reducing the cost you would have otherwise had to pay for fuel to power your boiler.

If your home starts to demand more energy. For example, if you switch on the washing machine or the kettle, the solar power diverter will reduce the amount of energy it is using. This means that your Solar PV System will always prioritise your home’s electricity needs first.

A solar power diverter doesn’t have to be installed at the same time as your Solar Panel System. Making it a great additional smart investment at any time.

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